Remote Tech Support

Here at The Valley List, we like to help our customers as much as possible. Part of that, especially during these unpredictable times, is to remotely support your PC’s from our office. 

This is done through our Remote Support Host program that you install on your computer. Once installed you can provide us with the ID and Password on the Host and we will be able to connect with your computer to help with your tech issues. 


  • No Travel time to your office
  • We can help in Real-Time
  • We can schedule maintenance
  • Reduce your internal IT costs


Use the button below to download our Remote Support Host program so you can install it on your computer. 

Installation Walk-Through

You can follow our step-by-step guide to install and setup the Remote Support Host program on your computer. 

Answers to Your Questions

Why Remote Tech Support?

Providing Remote Tech Support from our office allows us to save time. Instead of traveling to your office and billing you for that extra time, we can do it all from right here. 

Does this Save $$$$?

Absolutely, cutting the support time you need will save you money. If it takes 10 minutes to fix the issue, that’s all your going to pay for! 

What is Remote Tech Support?

Traditionally most IT work is done by either a person in your office or a company you have hired to come to your office when you call. With Remote Tech Support you will install a host program on your computer and then we will be able to immediately connect to your PC when you call us with a technical issue. It’s fully secure and it’s limited to when you grant us access. 

Let's Work Together!

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