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Website Post-2000

Mason County was established in 1804 and has lots of attractions in the local area that they need to get in front of residents. The state provided a simple web page that has been the same for 10+ years. 

Valley List was hired to create a fresh and user friendly website so that residents of Mason County can find all the information available to them. Event system has also been integrated, but unfortunately not able to be used right away due to COVID restrictions. 

Now Mason County has a central location that has court forms, contact information for all county offices, links to other organizations, and more! 

Drone footage and a full photography package (city, staff,office) was included to show fresh media across all the pages. 


Project summary

Create a fresh new platform for county residents to access all the important information without having to physically visit the county offices. 

Proven Results

Completing launch made all the county resources available on the web. 

The Strategy

We were able to put a new spin on the way that Mason County conducts business. Taking a lot of the forms they use online so that they are easily accessible.

  • Performance Hosting
  • Photography and Drone Footage
  • Maintenance Package



Client Satisfaction


Monthly Traffic


Conducting Business Online

When we realized that those out of the box website builders wouldn’t work for us. They have been innovative and a huge asset to our team. Our site needs to always be up and running without errors and they have always been available to solve problems and keep our online presence healthy.

John G – Mason County Administrator

"The Valley List has been a partner with us from the beginning"

I’ve attempted to get a webpage for my office for several years and the vendors I’ve contracted with were unable to fulfill the mission.  I was very disappointed and skeptical of trying a third company.  I hesitated but gave Valley List a shot.   Well The Valley List is the bomb!  I have been so pleased in their ability to get Mason County a site that is functioning and the staff are super responsive to any adjustment I need to make.  You will never be disappointed in Chris, Josiah and the team and their capabilities.  I’m super pleased!

Diana C. - Mason County Clerk

"The Valley List has been a partner with us from the beginning"

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