Lonestar Medicare

Case Study for Success


Website Design

Lonestar Medicare provides the latest information and guides to help customers learn more about Medicare coverage and supplements. 

Taking a platform website and rebuilding it with WordPress and a professional WordPress Theme. We also reduced the landing page loading times from over 30 seconds to less than 5 seconds. 


Project summary

Rebuilding a platform website into a proper CMS that has all the features the client is looking for. 

Proven Results

New website that is loading much faster and providing better traffic results to drive customers towards a call to action. 

The Strategy

Using the newest versions of the platform, themes, and plugins we were able to rebuild a better version of the website and very quickly saw positive results. 

  • Using the Right Tools
  • Current Information & Media
  • Ongoing SEO optimization & Performance Hosting


Client Satisfaction


Decrease Loading Time


Best Hosting

By doing things the right way from the beginning, I think you’ve streamlined our ability to add quality content and user-friendly design to our site. You’ve also been there with good service to execute many tasks and projects we need to be completed. I appreciate it and look forward to continuing to work together.


"I think you've streamlined our ability to add quality content and user-friendly design"

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