With Web Development Platforms, Who Designs The Website?

  You might be wondering why you–as a business owner–need to know the answer to “with web development platforms, who designs the website?” After all, you’ve got too many responsibilities to get lost in the weeds with web design or development. That said, a vast gulf exists between obtaining the appropriate knowledge on business investments […]

Website Design in 2019: How to Improve Your Website in 24 Hours

Introduction When it comes to building your online presence, your website is the anchor. Having an elite website for your blog, business, or online store is essential. In this day and age, online sales are growing. People are finding it more convenient to purchase items through the internet than typical in-store-purchases. Knowing this, you should be […]

Working around COVID19 – How to get your business online in 2020

Set up eCommerce for physical products Online ordering is a top priority for retailers and restaurants. You don’t have to build a crazy complex eCommerce site to make it happen, either. It can be a simple landing page that allows customers to purchase your service or products during this stressful time. You could build a […]

Website SEO Part 4 – Surprising Advantage to Amazon Search Engine

Amazon search First things first, Amazon search is not a universal search engine (you can’t find answers to a medical journal or what the latest news trending are, it’s not Google). Its algorithms are similar to Google though it’s used for internal searches that lead to Amazon pages. What’s the fuss about then? More people […]

Website SEO Part 3 – Brand as a Ranking Signal in 2019

What is the importance of your brand on the internet? Consistent and high-quality branding is more important than it ever has been. Not only for the users experiencing it but also the search engines that are ranking your website. They are looking for people talking about, sharing posts, and tagging your brand across the web […]

Website SEO Part 2 – GPDR Privacy Notice in 2019

What is all this racket about privacy and GPDR? It’s actually very important to pay attention, it may apply to you and your business. In this article, you will learn about what GPDR is and what you need to do to make sure that you’re in compliance! GPDR Have you been bombarded with GDPR and […]

Website SEO Part 1 – Mobile First Indexing in 2019

Mobile first Indexing Recently, Google has rocked the world with its mobile, and speed-related focuses on Website SEO. How does that affect your current SEO efforts on your website and overall web presence? Let’s explore the top trends and why it’s essential to embrace them. Description Overall, mobile-first indexing means that Google uses the mobile […]

Your Business Needs a Performing Website

  It is 2019 and almost every business has its own website. This is the best decision that you will make for your business marketing and advertising. Why not make your business work for you? A website is so crucial in this day and age and failing to have one might lead to your downfall. […]