Custom Web Hosting Plans for Your Website

As more businesses embrace digital transformation, there’s a website influx on the internet. An efficient website is a powerful tool you can leverage to attract more online traffic and increase your revenue. However, launching an online platform doesn’t automatically mean it will be successful. Most online businesses crash due to poor user experience and website […]

What is Web Hosting? How Does It Impact My Website?

What is web hosting

A hosting provider or web host offers the necessary resources and hosting technology to ensure your website remains secure and efficient. The provider maintains the servers and implements robust security measures to ensure effective file transfer to the users’ browsers. When visitors wish to access your website, they type your domain name on a browser, […]

With Web Development Platforms, Who Designs The Website?

  You might be wondering why you–as a business owner–need to know the answer to “with web development platforms, who designs the website?” After all, you’ve got too many responsibilities to get lost in the weeds with web design or development. That said, a vast gulf exists between obtaining the appropriate knowledge on business investments […]

Is COVID-19 Changing the Education Sector and How we Learn

Is COVID-19 Changing the Education Sector and How we Learn

Is Covid-19 Changing The Education Sector And How We Learn? The education sector is one of the engines behind society’s development. But it has taken its time to update and adapt to the new technological developments. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on the industry, and the pace of change has accelerated. […]

Steps You Should Follow To Find A New Job During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Following the outbreak of coronavirus, organizations needed to reduce costs. As they were not able to operate, many employees started to lose their jobs. In the US, the unemployment crisis is the worst since the Great Depression. About 20 million Americans have lost their jobs, and the economy is going down. To move forward, companies […]

Working around COVID19 – How to get your business online in 2020

Set up eCommerce for physical products Online ordering is a top priority for retailers and restaurants. You don’t have to build a crazy complex eCommerce site to make it happen, either. It can be a simple landing page that allows customers to purchase your service or products during this stressful time. You could build a […]

Your Business Needs a Performing Website

  It is 2019 and almost every business has its own website. This is the best decision that you will make for your business marketing and advertising. Why not make your business work for you? A website is so crucial in this day and age and failing to have one might lead to your downfall. […]